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Asylum seeker boat gets within cooee of Cocos Island

By The Age National Headlines - Tue May 03, 2:03 am

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Asylum seeker critical: Dutton

A woman has set herself on fire on Nauru and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says she’s been flown to Australia for treatment. Courtesy ABC News 24.



Locals say a small wooden boat filled with asylum seekers has made it to within 500 metres of the Cocos Islands, the first boat to be spotted near the Australian territory in two years.

“we don’t want to see new boat arrivals, and we absolutely are determined that we are not going to see men, women and children drowning at sea ever again in this country”.

On Tuesday afternoon the ABC’s Hack program broke the news a small boat was intercepted close to the Australian territory in rough weather, carrying an estimated 12 asylum seekers who one local identified as being Sri Lankans….

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