Wednesday, February 11, 2015 11:21:36 AM

Chairman of the CEB says that the government’s policy is to provide a 24 hour uninterrupted electricity supply.

By Welcome to Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation - Tue Mar 12, 4:03 am

Chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board W.B. Ganegala says that Sri Lanka no longer remains a country solely relying upon generation of power through hydro-electricity. Nearly seventy percent of Sri Lanka’s electricity requirements are being met through petroleum oil.  It has been predicted that the world’s extremely restricted petroleum resources could be totally depleted in another 40 years of time. 

The CEB chairman adds that it is extremely a challenge to generate electricity at a minimum cost in the face increasing fuel prices. The sanctions imposed in the purchasing of oil from Iran and fuel price increases of oil producing countries have mainly contributed to the increases in local oil prices. Secretary Ganegala further points out that under such circumstances, revision of electricity charges is unavoidable. The policy of the government is to provide a continuous power supply throughout the 24 hours of the day….

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