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When the Crisis Deepens

By Prof. Jayadeva Uyangoda - Tue Nov 06, 11:32 pm

Featured image courtesy The Arch

Sri Lanka’s politico-constitutional crisis has begun to show signs of deteriorating into an open struggle for state power, ensuing extra-parliamentary causes of action for its resolution. This path to potential violence and total retreat from democracy needs to be prevented forthwith.

Yet, at the moment there does not seem to be political space available or conditions conducive for such a peaceful end to the crisis.

Only the enlightened self-interest dawned on the main protagonists to the conflict can avert a confrontation with destructive political consequences. For them, particularly for Sri Lanka’s President and the two competing Prime Ministers, the time has come for exploring peaceful alternatives to the present deadlock, which is now moving in the direction of a dangerously volatile phase.

Paradoxically, parliament seems to be the new arena of contestation between the two sides….

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