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Losing a Paradise We Never Had?

By Dinesha Samararatne - Sat Nov 03, 2:48 am

Asanga Welikala titled the preliminary note that he published on October 27 ‘Paradise Lost’. I agree with Welikala’s analysis and his subsequent publicly stated views as well. However, I do not think that events since October 26 is a case of ‘Paradise Lost’. It is not a case of Sri Lanka losing its credibility as a democracy. Rather, it seems to me that these events bring home the reality that our democratisation has always been partial, and in certain moments in its history, quite fragile.

There is no doubt that President Sirisena’s appointment of MP Mahinda Rajapaksa as a Prime Minister on October 26 was contrary to the Constitution. However, there is also no doubt that the calculated, premeditated and deliberate act of violating the Constitution by those wielding executive power is not new in Sri Lanka. The difference is a matter of degree. For those who were surprised and even disappointed by these acts of our President, it is best to recall that prior to breaking ranks with the then President Rajapaksa, President Sirisena was a central figure in the then government, providing active political support to its work….

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