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On Sri Lanka Inner City Press Asks IMF Which Says In Contact With Its Counterparts But Who?

By InnerCity Press - Thu Nov 01, 10:37 am

By Matthew Russell LeeUNITED NATIONS GATE, November 1 –How do the various parts of the UN system deal with Sri Lanka? When the International Monetary Fund held its biweekly embargoed media briefing on November 1, Inner City Press asked four questions, including “On Sri Lanka, what is the IMF’s view of the impact of the reportedly counter-legal installation of Mahinda Rajapaksa as prime minister? Fitch and Moody have both spoken – but what is the IMF’s view?” IMF spokesperson Gerry Rice read out the question, after answering Inner City Press’ separate question about Saudi Arabia, and he said the IMF doesn’t do politics but is aware of and monitoring the developments in Sri Lanka. He said the IMF remains in contact, on the technical level, with its counterparts in Sri Lanka. But who? Meanwhile UN Peacekeeper chief Jean-Pierre Lacroix has been multiply informed that the Sri Lanka government vetting of peacekeepers the UN has relied on has not been complied with, regarding at least 49 soldiers now “serving” the UN in Lebanon.then asked UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric for the UN’s response. [See July 21 response, below.] On July 30 UNSG Antonio Guterres’ sleazy basis for roughing up and banning Inner City Press now for life (and the impending UNGA week which Sirisena is slated to attend and pitch at)was reported in the Columbia Journalist Review, and now the NY Post….

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