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Review: While Marie Colvin Film Cries Out To Be Seen Sponsor CPJ Lame on UN Censorship In Bway Review

By InnerCity Press - Thu Nov 01, 10:26 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, CJR PFT Q&A

NEW YORK CITY, November 1 – When the film “A Private War” about war journalist Marie Colvin who lost an eye covering Sri Lanka, may she rest is peace, was screened near Lincoln Center on November 1 Inner City Press went to cover it. Her passion came through, depicted by Rosamund Pike, from capturing the scene of selfies with Gaddafi’s corpse in Libya to the end game in Homs, complete with a final word of caution from Anderson Cooper of CNN. The audience Q&A was cut short on the second question, which chided the director for showing Colvin in a fancy bra and a PG bathtub sex scene with Stanley Tucci. Afterward Inner City Press launched a Periscope livestream out on Broadway, getting the thoughts of CNN’s longtime correspondent Richard Roth. Then, more after conferring with his compadre Louis Charbonneau who lobbied the UN to oust the Press then got it censored – but also in 2018. On this, Mahoney said CPJ had not been able to determine why Inner City Press was physically ousted in 2018 and has been banned 120 days and counting. Periscope video here.
He said he was not aware that Guterres tried to get Inner City Press ousted the day before from Park East Synogogue, even though CPJ entirely went along with Guterres’ UNdisclosured banned list being used to exclude Inner City Press from a CPJ event about Myanmar in September.
 One might ask: if a press freedom group cannot even defend a critical journalist in Manhattan from being roughed up and targeted by the UN to which CPJ is accredited, can they be trusted? Now that the question has been raised, on Broadway, we shall see….

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