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In Sri Lanka There Is No UN Special Envoy Only Resident Coordinator UNnamed on Latin UNDP Website

By InnerCity Press - Mon Oct 29, 12:59 pm

UNITED NATIONS GATE, October 29 – With Mahinda Rajapaksa who oversaw the 2009 war crimes dubbing the bloodbath on the beach on October 26 named the country’s prime minster by Sirisena whom UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has praised, and now his brother Gotabaya set to be appointed defense secretary despite or because of his role in 2009, one was long awaiting Guterres chiming in on Sirisena’s troubling moves.even as he is poised to raise money on December 5 for a committee headed by the former landlord of Rajapaksa’s ambassador Palitha Kahona, Giampaolo Pioli, who despite or because of this connection held a “UN screening” of Rajapaksa’s war crimes denial film “Lies Agreed To” in the the UN Dag Hammasarkjold Library under the banner of the UN Correspondents Alliance. In Sri Lanka it was reported that on the afternoon of October 29 “US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, and a Special Envoy to the United Nations will meet with Speaker Karu Jayasuriya at Parliament at 3pm and 3.30pm respectively, the Speaker’s Office confirmed.” Inner City Press asked Guterres Spokesman Stephane Dujarric in writing, “please immediately deny or confirm if there is a UN Special Envoy meeting the Parliament speaker, if confirm state who she or he is, with whom including which states the SG consulted, if he has raised the crisis to the UNSC and if not, why not, and last week’s UNanswered question on the harassed Tamil journalist(s).” Once again, no answer. But to a softball question in the briefing room Guterres has banned Inner City Press from, Dujarric said it was only the UN Resident Coordinator who took the meeting. An attempt to look up the UN Resident Coordinator on UNDP Sri Lanka’s “About Us – Our Team” page found only Latin filler or nonsense, photo here (“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,” etc.) 

No information from the UN, which refuses to answer Inner City Press’ questions for days despite a claimed commitment this would happen from Guterres’ Under Secretary General Alison Smale to UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression David Kaye. Who might this UN Special Envoy be?…

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