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#FreeShahidulAlam: On protests and press freedom

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Shahidul Alam is no stranger to Sri Lanka. In January 2005, the renowned photojournalist and activist documented damage wrought by the tsunami. His blog titled ‘Boxing Day blues’ shows a letter sent to him, in Dhaka, by one S.M.K Priyantha from Peraliya, the site of the worst train crash in railroad history that Alam had covered during his time on the island.

In a series titled ‘Portraits of Commitment’ shot in 2007, Alam tells the stories of activists, doctors and community organisers who live with HIV, allowing it to guide and enrich their work.

Photo and caption courtesy Alam’s Flickr account: Portrait of Shahidul Alam taken by Tsunami survivor Shanika Prasadini near Galle Road, Telwatta Sri Lanka – January 6th, 2005

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