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Sri Lanka Presides Over Convention on Cluster Munitions After Using Them UN of Guterres Censors Press

By InnerCity Press - Mon Oct 01, 9:24 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, 30/7 CJR, 19/6 VideoUNITED NATIONS GATE, September 27 –UN Peacekeeper chief Jean-Pierre Lacroix has been multiply informed that the Sri Lanka government vetting of peacekeepers the UN has relied on has not been complied with, regarding at least 49 soldiers now “serving” the UN in Lebanon.then asked UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric for the UN’s response. [See July 21 response, below.] On July 30 UNSG Antonio Guterres’ sleazy basis for roughing up and banning Inner City Press now for life (and the impending UNGA week which Sirisena is slated to attendand pitch at) was reported in the Columbia Journalist Review, and now the NY Post. Meanwhile Sri Lanka which used cluster munitions is now President of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. “In Sri Lanka’s case they have driven many de-miners and UN staff outof the country and effectively silenced the witnesses. There are also many victims among recent refugees outside Sri Lanka in countries like Switzerland; their geographic dislocation should not diminish their rights as victims,” said Jasmin Sooka of ITJPSL. “The Convention requires Sri Lanka to undertake a victim survey which should include victims abroad subject to internationally recognized witness protection provisions.”  Inner City Press has repeatedly asked Dujarric, “September 17-2: It is multiply reported that Sri Lanka during the upcoming high level week will make a presentation to the SG about, among other things, limited the currently stated vetting of Sri Lanka troops for participation in alleged war crimes. Please state the date of any meeting of the SG with President Sirisena, and state the UN’s / SG’s view of the current vetting system, including seeming lack of compliance by Sri Lanka….

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