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War Crimes in Sri Lanka: Stain or slander?

By Michael Cooke - Sun Sep 16, 12:27 am

Editor’s Note: This piece responds to ‘In Defence of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka’, a report published by the the Global Sri Lanka Forum that appraises a report released by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Investigation on Sri Lanka.

“The international community] wants Sri Lanka’s armed forces to face up to the stain on their reputation, so that they can once again play a constructive role in international peace-keeping operations, and command the full respect that so many of their members deserve.

– Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights[1]

“….. the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights…has said there is a stain on the honour of the armed forces of Sri Lanka. If he said such a thing in my view it is an insult hurled not just at the armed forces but at the country itself. The armed forces are the guardians of the nation, and a stain acquired as a result of guarding the nation is necessarily a stain of the motherland itself.” 

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