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Behind Bars

By Raisa Wickrematunge - Fri Aug 17, 10:07 am

Featured image from Sri Lanka Mirror

On August 13, 20 female inmates climbed onto the roof of Welikada Prison and began a protest. There were various reasons attributed to the prisoner’s motivations, many of which are outlined in this video from Ada Derana – one, more stringent regulations on food brought in from outside. In the past, the police have claimed that this is a commonly used method to smuggle in narcotics at Welikada. The 2017 Prisons Headquarters report tabled in Parliament revealed that over 2000 kilogrammes of narcotics and 53 mobile phones have been smuggled into prisons.

To the wider public, the inside of the women’s ward of Welikada prison is inaccessible and remote. Once the protests end, the story fades from headlines and from public consciousness.

The following was written in 2013, following a visit to the female ward of Welikada Prison on Women’s Day….

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