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Indian film star prepares for new role in politics

Photo Gallery1 Photo By AFP - Thu Aug 09, 7:25 am

Indian movie star Kamal Haasan says he plans to fight for artistic freedoms in India. (AFP pic)

MUMBAI: Indian movie star Kamal Haasan, whose latest film releases Friday, enjoys causing a stir as an actor and now he is looking to shake up Indian politics as well.

Haasan is one of the biggest names in Indian cinema and has appeared in more than 200 films since making his debut aged six over half a century ago.

The 63-year-old, who has endured battles with censorship, recently formed his own political party and plans to fight for artistic freedoms that he says are being curbed.

“It’s happening all around the country and should be challenged. Every artist should assert his or her right to speak,” Haasan, from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, told AFP in an interview….

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