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In the wake of the past, upholding all human rights

By Savitri Hensman - Tue Jul 24, 1:53 am

Thirty-five years ago, human rights and democracy in Sri Lanka unravelled in a spectacular manner. Yet the background to these blatant abuses included an erosion of economic and social rights, with which political rights are interconnected. To tackle today’s challenges, it may be helpful to take an approach which seeks to uphold all human rights, for everyone.

The gradual undermining of rights and what followed

The events of July 1983 and their aftermath shocked many, in Sri Lanka and beyond. Police stood by as thugs linked with the ruling party worked their way through Colombo, burning the furniture, homes and businesses of Tamils and in some cases committing murder. Images were broadcast across the world, along with accounts by horrified tourists.

The massacre of over fifty inmates of a high security prison was a further indication of lawless brutality at the highest levels….

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