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Media Release 12-04-2016

By Samantha - Mon Apr 18, 3:39 am

There is a mood of anticipation in the country as the government moves to institute constitutional reforms that improve governance in the country within a short time frame. The government has already ensured there would be a public consultation process by appointing a Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms. The National Peace Council submitted its proposals to this committee after wide ranging discussions with religious leaders, community-based organisations, women’s organisations, government officials and civil society leaders from several districts around the country.

When Parliament converted into a Constitutional Assembly for the first time a week ago on April 5 it was with the aim of enacting a new constitution. Accordingly, 7 deputy chairpersons and 21 steering committee members were elected by the Constitutional Assembly. However it is disappointing that only one of them, a deputy chairperson, is a woman. Not one of its 21 members of the steering committee which is responsible for coming up with the draft constitution is a woman. The Prime Minister informed Parliament that appointments for sub committees will be carried out after receiving the report from the Committee on Constitutional Reforms Public Representation before end April. No objections were raised by the joint opposition when appointing members for the Constitutional Assembly.

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