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Was President Sirisena Referring to Arjuna Mahendran and R.Paskaralingam in his Polonnaruwa Speech Criticising “Economic Experts”?

By - Sun Apr 24, 12:11 am


Gagani Weerakoon

President Maithripala Sirisenain at his home town Polonnaruwa addressing his people to greet them for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year said that he will not allow so-called economic experts to burden the public with increased taxes.

He added that some experts are not aware of the suffering of the people and he will ask such experts to go home. President was commenting on the media reports that the government plans to increase VAT, which is an indirect tax which affects you more if you belong to low income groups.

“I saw in the newspapers that there will be new taxes, especially the VAT which affects the average citizens. I will not allow any economic expert in the government to introduce taxes which adversely affect the poor. I know that some of these experts do not know the suffering of the people, but I will not allow them a free rein….

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