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University Academics Condemn the Incendiary Statements against HRCSL

By Groundviews - Wed Jul 11, 7:08 am

Photo courtesy Yaal Ruvi

As members of the academic community in Sri Lanka, we are appalled by the increasing belligerence with which certain individuals appear to be making statements directed at public officials and academics of the country.

It has been many months now since a certain group of individuals, led by ex-military personnel, had proclaimed before the media that individuals who are supportive of a new Constitution ought to be considered as ‘traitors’ acting against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. Such individuals, it was further stated, ought to be held accountable for their ‘traitorous’ acts in a court of law and punished with death and that action will be taken against them at a future date when a new political leadership assumes power.

Such statements, which have been given wide publicity in the media, have been made with impunity especially over the past few months. Video recordings of such statements are also widely available on the internet.

The most recent articulation of this dangerous and reprehensible trend comes in the form of a news report published in the Mawbima newspaper of 29 June 2018, whereby the Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) and senior academic Dr….

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