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IMF on Rep of Congo Told Inner City Press July 11 With Corruption on Agenda, NGOs UNlike UN, Of Sri Lanka Fuel Subsidies

By InnerCity Press - Thu Jun 28, 10:30 am

UNITED NATIONS, June 7 – On the morning of June 28 for the International Monetary Fund’s embargoed media briefing Inner City Press submitted several questions including on Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka and, as always, Cameroon. IMF Spokesman Gerry Rice, after calling on those in the room read out Inner City Press’ Congo “On Congo-Brazzaville, please confirm or deny that the IMF Executive Board will meet on the country’s bail-out request on July 6, and state what some of the issues, particularly on anti-corruption, are.” 

Rice said in fact the Board is tentatively set to meet on Congo later, on July 11 and that anti-corruption is indeed a major issue, that the IMF says civil society should allowed to be involved. On Sri Lanka, Inner City Press must it / will it be fully implemented by September?” Rice’s Sri Lanka answer included that the Finance Minister assures that the elimination of fuel subsidies will help the poor, because the subsidies have been helping the rich. We’ll have more on this. On June 7 Inner City Press asked the IMF about Barbados, Zambia, Jordan and well as a named Ukrainian journalist – left Zambia and Barbados for last, nameless, deferred. On Barbados Inner City Press had asked, “what will the IMF do to try to ensure austerity measures don’t hurt the poor and also lead to protests and political instability?…

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