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Digital Battlefield: Launch of Digital Security Wiki

By Groundviews - Wed Jun 20, 6:25 am

In the year 2018, the divide between online and offline worlds has become increasingly blurred. Behaviour seen in digital spaces and the language used in the dissemination of content mirrors offline practice to a great extent. This is why bodies like the Association for Progressive Communication and IT for Change recognise technology-based violence as an aspect of gender-based violence

Yet, this recognition is almost absent in Sri Grassrooted Trust and English editor –, Sharanya Sekaram noted. This can have serious consequences, including that the response mechanisms tasked to deal with the issue are entirely inadequate.

The language seen in the exchanges of leaked photos for instance, reflects the general structures of patriarchy that exist in the real world. The boys receiving these images feel that they own them, giving them the entitlement to do whatever they want with them. This leads to everything from impulsive sharing across chat groups to revenge porn, where intimate photos shared with consent are disseminated non-consensually after a breakup….

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