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Fooling All The People All The Time

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by Wimalanath Weeraratne

The President with the newly appointed State Minister and Deputy Ministers

Last week saw several changes being made within the rank and file of the ruling United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) and its main coalition partner – United National Party (UNP). The UNP and the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) appointed a State Minister along with two deputy ministers from each party making the jumbo cabinet to go up to 91- one of the biggest in a small, democratic nation. This might further go up and certainly not down, many a Sri Lankan believe.

If Sri Lanka was an advanced, developed country, increase of ministers would not have had made a significant impact or be a burden to the country’s public. However, when Sri Lanka is at a crucial juncture struggling to find its ends meet, these appointments can never be justified. In comparison to even countries such as India and China which has over one billion population each, Sri Lanka is having a gigantic cabinet.

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