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At UN $1M Xprize for Women’s Safety Goes to Delhi Team Live Streamed But Disparate Embargo Enforced

By InnerCity Press - Wed Jun 13, 6:40 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, VideoUNITED NATIONS, June 7 – A project that certainly sounds good, XPrize, held an event in the UN on June 6, to award a $1 million prize to the best technology solution to the lack of safety for women. Inner City Press sent an RSVP saying it wanted to live-stream it on Periscope but was told, “Hi Matthew, Thank you for your email. Please note that we cannot authorize any live recording or image sharing on-site, as all content from the event is strictly under embargo until Thursday, June 7th at 6am ET. Kindly confirm you received this and can honor these terms.”    Inner City Press which honors embargoes all the time, for example in connection with the International Monetary Fund’s biweekly media briefing where it reports answers to its questions on Yemen, Somalia, Cameroon and Sri Lanka on a delay, sent in confirmation, and went to the event.   It was in the UN’s Xpress bar, complete with tuna appetizers and champagne and a crowd not usually seen at the UN. In fact, other than the UN Security and food service staff, the only UN presence was a few correspondents most of whom left before the award announcement.   But many in the crowd were not only photographing but also live-streaming the event. It seemed clear that the stated embargo no longer held, at least for some. But in an abundance of caution, Inner City Press shot a video stored to its phone, not live-streamed, and did not tweet the name of the winning team, for example….

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