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The Subversion Of Our Democratic Political Spaces & What It Means For Sri Lanka’s Future

By Dayapala Thiranagama - Mon Jun 04, 5:04 am

Featured image courtesy Vikalpa


Since Independence in 1948, Sri Lanka has witnessed three unsuccessful armed struggles. Two of these  (1971 and 1987-89) have been confined mainly to the Sinhalese South. The last one in the North and East of Sri Lanka waged an armed campaign for almost 30 years until the Tami Tigers were defeated in 2009. The manner of the Sri Lanka’s state victory created acute political wounds and left unresolved the fundamental problems that gave rise to Tamil militancy. The devastating effects of all three armed campaigns conducted by the state and non-state actors have scarred democratic governance in the country and its commitment to pluralism. These violent struggles have torn apart Sri Lanka’s social fabric and hindered economic wellbeing of its citizens. It has damaged the continuing efforts to create a healthy and pluralistic democracy for our young and fragile nation.

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