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Technology-related Violence Against Women and Girls in Sri Lanka: Key Trends

By Groundviews Hashtag Generation and Ghosha - Mon Jan 15, 4:33 am

Featured image courtesy Politico

There is little research done on technology-based violence against women in Sri Lanka. In addition, there are no trilingual, easily accessible, open-source resources for digital security, key because many leaks occur due to lack of understanding about security measures to ensure privacy online. Research shows the varied impact of online harassment can be felt offline. The stigma has even driven young girls to suicide in Sri Lanka. Attempts to report violations to Facebook are met with the response that they do not violate Community Standards, as most of this content is in Sinhala or Tamil; the vernacular languages. While Information and Communication Technology has given women and girls increased capacity for self-expression and public and political engagement, often a direct proportionality can be seen in the increase of women and girls’ access to the Internet and increase of violence against women online.

It is in this context that the Center for Policy Alternatives (the institutional anchor of Groundviews), Ghosha (a feminist initiative in Sri Lanka exploring intersections between technology and women’s human rights) and youth group Hashtag Generation set out to conduct a research on the prevalence of technology-related violence against women and girls in Sri Lanka, with a specific focus on Facebook. We began to analyze a set of Facebook pages in October 2017….

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