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Introducing #snapshotlka – Our Hashtag on Instagram

By Groundviews - Mon Jan 08, 10:22 am

Groundviews, Vikalpa and Maatram invite their followers on Instagram to follow #snapshotlka, as the platform recently announced the launch of a new feature allowing users to follow hashtags, in the same way as following an Instagram account.

Users who choose to follow a hashtag will see top posts appearing in their main feed. This allows users to follow specific areas of interest – for instance, through following hashtags such as #photojournalism. Rolled out on December 12, the feature was described as a ‘game changer’ by Forbes.

Followers of #snapshotlka will have easy, real-time access to photos collectively posted by Groundviews, Vikalpa and Maatram in one single page. Additionally, it allows those who do not have the Instagram app on their smartphones to view photography from all our sites, in one location, over any browser. To our knowledge, this is the first time a media organisation is using this feature in Sri Lanka.

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