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UNHCR Corruption in Sudan, With Guterres Not Cited, Reported by IRIN and Baloch, Cameroon Stonewall

By InnerCity Press - Thu May 17, 10:40 am

By Matthew Russell Lee, Video, Q&AUNITED NATIONS, May 15 — A sleazy long term pattern of UNHCR bribery in Sudan was alleged in detailon May 15 by IRIN, but without mentioning that current UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres Antonio Guterres RAN the agency. This is similar to UN favored media not inquiring into Guterres’ time at UNHCR in terms of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH), in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. Meanwhile, Guterres’ UN has moved IRIN which rarely asks questions at his spokesmen’s briefing into its own office while continuing to restrict Inner City Press which asks questions every day. Guterres has feet of clay, and is a censor. But who’s counting? It must be mentioned – even after UNHCR, Guterres met with Sudan’s Omarl al Bashir, even before asking / telling the ICC about the meeting. Since then, Guterres’ res rep Marta Ruedas took a “Two Niles” award from Bashir. But this is not generally reported. From IRIN’s Guterres-less but still useful story: “several individuals named in interviews with refugees as engaging in corrupt practices were still employed there as of February 2018.

“We call it the mafia – they’re supposed to be caring for refugees, but here, they think of themselves,” said one Ethiopian man in Khartoum, sitting on a bed donated by another refugee he said had paid to be resettled in Australia….

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