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In Their Absence: Families of the Disappeared Share Treasured Keepsakes

By Selvaraja Rajasegar - Sun Dec 10, 1:10 am

Featured image courtesy Selvaraja Rajasegar

The following is the translation of a story by Selvaraja Rajasegar, editor of Maatram (click here and here to view the series in Tamil). As of today, the families of the disappeared have been protesting, across the North and East. In some areas, it has been over 290 days. Their pleas, to provide details about what happened to their families, have yet to be answered. Five of the protesters have died since the protests began. In light of Human Rights Day, which falls on December 10, Groundviews translated this series, to highlight their continuing struggle. 

 All names have been withheld to maintain the privacy of the individuals interviewed.

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