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On Paradigm Shifts: Sri Lanka Must Forge a New Way Forward

By Soraya Deen - Fri May 11, 2:55 am

From a No Confidence Motion to oust the Prime Minister, to a deep-rooted rift between President and Prime Minister, the swearing in of a new cabinet of ministers, religious and ethnic conflict, impunity, corruption and scores of other existent and possibly non-existent allegations, mistrust between the government and its people are at an all-time high in Sri Lanka.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, following the recent Cabinet reshuffle, Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake said, “I have not been engaged in corruption and had got only a deputy minister’s post, but I wonder whether the main qualification needed to get cabinet portfolios is engaging in corruption.”

The people have expectations. And such expectations rooted in desire and belief have always been shattered and abused by successive governments. Today the citizenry have very little or no confidence. Public trust is in the gutter.

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