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UN, Told It Has 49 Unvetted Sri Lanka Soldiers in Lebanon, Nothing to Share 1 Month Later

By InnerCity Press - Wed May 09, 8:44 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, video here, ExclusiveUNITED NATIONS, May 8 – UN Peacekeeping chief Jean-Pierre Lacroix has been multiply informed that the Sri Lanka government vetting of peacekeepers the UN has relied on has not been complied with, regarding at least 49 soldiers now “serving” the UN in Lebanon.then asked UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric for the UN’s response. All he said, at noon on April 6, is that he would check to see that the letter has been received. More than 72 hours later, he had not provided even that confirmation; at the April 9 noon briefing he promoted an unrelated Lacroix trip to Sudan and the Central African Republic. Meanwhile, nine more Tamil organizations wrote to Lacroix. Inner City Press later on April 6 asked Lacroix on the ramp to the turnstile Dujarric’s eviction make it unable to get through if he was aware of the letters. He indicated that he is. So why no answer from Antonio Guterres’ holdover spokesman Dujarric? A month later on May 8, Inner City Press asked Inner City Press:  Is there a result on the Sri Lanka investigation?

Spokesman:  Would you like a question?…

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