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Sri Lanka Should Tackle Sexuality, Gender Identity Bias

By Neela Ghoshal - Tue Dec 05, 5:54 am

Featured image courtesy the Scribe Project

In November 2015, I sat in a small circle of plastic chairs outside a rustic hotel in Sri Lanka’s coastal town of Ambalangoda. Against a backdrop of fruit trees and waves lapping the shore I listened to horrific stories from six gay, bisexual, and transgender people whom a Sri Lankan gay activist had convened to meet with Human Rights Watch.

“Abeeth” (all names are changed for privacy and security), a young gay man, told us that when he was 17, Ambalangoda police ordered him into a jeep and took him to the beach, where one of them raped him. “I was so scared,” Abeeth said. “I let him do anything.”

Jeewani, a 20-year-old transgender woman, said a police officer in Colombo had raped her when she was 17. The rape was “so, so painful, I screamed,” she said….

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