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Soundbites and sound bytes: Future of digital conversations in Sri Lanka

By Groundviews - Mon Dec 04, 6:26 am

Even before the end of the war in 2009, but certainly after it, conversations on society, politics, culture, religion and other vital matters are moving online to digital spaces, or are increasingly influenced by perspectives and content on the web. There is a demographic dividend at play – first, second and even third time voters in Sri Lanka are those who are also the most active on social media platforms. The metrics of all this are obvious – the number of individuals on and using social media, including those using it to promote their ideas and opinions to more than just friends and family. How politicians and political parties are using social media around their election campaigns, from voter mobilisation to the discussion of key policies leading up to the election. How propaganda, and push-back to it, is now increasingly digital. Civil society is moving to social media, with advocacy and activism in the physical world now inextricably entwined with digital equivalents. Religious institutions and priests use social media, for various ends. Government is on social media to broadcast information, alert and sometimes to engage citizens. Mainstream media has long since discovered that conversations are as, if not more important, than subscriptions. Wherever there is conversation, there are opportunities to engage, promote, intervene and also build trust….

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