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“Human rights” for a divided society

By Sajeeva Samaranayake - Thu Nov 30, 10:53 pm

Featured image courtesy Adithya Ailes/InterPress News

To understand the process of indirect colonisation of the non-white countries in Asia and Africa is to work through the splitting of society in two. When overwhelming power came externally to crush the natives and their identity, the stage was set for an unequal race by which a local elite would acquire the trappings of Western culture.

Colonies were selectively developed and the coloniser took what he needed and neglected the rest. The rural countryside was largely untouched by colonisation and its plantations, roads and railways and the supportive governmental structures.

In Sri Lanka the people never rejected monarchy on any constitutional grounds. The British simply exploited a situation to drive out a king who had become unpopular. There were no republican roots at the beginning….

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