Wednesday, February 21, 2018 03:53:17 PM

Floating Space Theatre Co. presents ‘rite | now’ at Global Voices Summit

By Groundviews - Fri Dec 01, 4:34 am

How much do we remember of the time before the internet? How much of ourselves will we leave behind because of the internet, and how much of this do we imagine we can control? Today, the digital is everyday territory – we live within its invitation, its multiple platforms, its possibilities of existence – and yet, we are only still learning a practice of being within this space. We are still scribes unknown, emerging in a conscious articulation of who we are online, how we know, and what traces of ourselves we must contend with, before we are ready to accept their own aliveness.

Intended as a multi-layered dialogue with the online space, its consciousness and evolving practice, Floating Space Theatre Co. presents

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