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Ketari Chinese BN candidate wows people with his fluency in Tamil

Photo Gallery1 Photo By Bernama - Thu May 03, 11:59 am

Ketari BN candidate Lau Hoi Keong said the ability to speak many languages is an advantage to get closer to the people and learn about their problems. (Facebook pic)

BENTONG: Listening to a man speaking enthusiastically in Tamil over the microphone at every Indian community programme, nobody will suspect the individual speaking is actually a Chinese.

Lau Hoi Keong, the Barisan Nasional candidate for the Ketari state seat, is able to draw a smile from Indian voters because they are impressed with his eloquence in their native tongue.

Lau said he learned Tamil while growing up with his single mother at a rubber estate in Kerling, Hulu Selangor. His father died when he was in Form Three.

“I still remember my mother’s advice: If you want to change your destiny, the only way is through education….

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